About Us

Live Wire Designs is comprised of like-minded individuals who have a passion for performance and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Good enough is not a phrase in our vocabulary. We truly enjoy our work and look forward to challenging jobs that others may be afraid to tackle. Each member of our staff goes through continuing training classes and seminars to keep them ahead of the curve, in this ever-evolving industry.


About our President

Our president and founder Sean Duckworth is not new to the audio and video industry. Sean started his career in the audio-video world in 1989 as an installer for a local competitor. In 2000 Sean left that company to peruse a position as an A/V manufactures rep. firm as a product trainer. Traveling across the East Coast training other A/V dealers how to sell and install various high-end audio-video products. He quickly realized that he enjoyed his previous work, but had a different view of where his previous employer's business was heading. Thus Live Wire Designs was created! Sean has a unique position in the A/V industry, having positions in several facets of the industry prior to starting Live Wire Designs Inc.

Mission Statement

Live Wire Design's mission is to develop and maintain a happy customer base. We continually focus on a balance of performance, value, and ease of use of our systems that are designed to blend and complement our customer's lifestyles.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

Giving our word has meaning and impact. We accept responsibility for your actions and words.


Strive to maintain skills and constantly learn new skills.


Customers/Our company/Our employees.

Our Motto

Exceed our customer's expectations!

Pursuit of excellence

Perform to your highest level of competency.


Be professional at all times.

Good Sense of Humor

In this business and in life, humor can get us through even the toughest challenges.


Remember your responsibility to your customers and to the rest of the team.


Trust others and be trustworthy!

Serving Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia

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